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I love working on commissions and there is nothing more that makes my day better, than the look of delight when I deliver a bespoke commissioned silver piece to my customers and have the satisfaction of knowing that I have produced their unique piece of jewellery.  Something they couldnít find elsewhere for a loved one who always wanted a special gift, sometimes itís a loved one who maybe gone and always loved a special flower or animal, or a bride who wants a special piece of jewellery to wear on her special day. If you are looking for that special gift and have an idea in mind, however big or small I will be happy to discuss this further with you.

As with all my commissioned pieces shown on my site, they are one of a kind. If something you see on my site interests you, we could discuss creating something similar for you. From rings to earrings, bracelets to cufflinks I have supplied many pieces to delighted customers.

The cost of a commissioned piece, consist of two parts: materials and labour. I can very quickly asses how much the materials will cost, but the labour, which is charged at £10 per hour, is a bit more difficult to pinpoint. If you want a precise quote from me, I will assess how much material I will need, and then estimate how many hours it will take me. Based on that, I will give you an estimated figure. This will be an estimate, and the actual costs can go up or down, depending on how fast I am able to get the job done. If you accept my commission, I will keep a log of hours worked, provide upon completion of the
piece.  I will deliver the piece after the remainder of the payment has been made. 
All pieces require a 50% deposit of the estimated cost when the commission is undertaken. This will be used to order the materials that are required for aking the piece. I will not order any materials until I have a commitment from you, including the required deposit. All my commissions are made with the finest materials including Pure Silver & Semi-precious stones.

Most of my projects are time intensive. If you are interested in a project I have not done yet, it will require research which will be included in the labour costs. There is no charge in the design stage. Please note that the time taken to complete commissioned pieces is subject to whether I have prior orders and to the complexity of the design.

Donít hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas.

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